ADrive’s Fee-Based Online Storage Service Worth a Look

I’ve written about ADrive before here. For some time now, it’s been trouncing the other free online file storage services in terms of sheer capacity offered at no cost. It continues to offer 50GB of storage for free, while many other free services max out at 1GB to 5GB (even GMail gives you more than that). Now, ADrive … » 10/15/08 6:55am 10/15/08 6:55am

Use Google Maps to Track Zombies in Your Area

» 4/01/06 6:34am 4/01/06 6:34am

If you're looking to practice your Deathhacking, it can sometimes be difficult to find that lone zombie separated from the insatiable horde. So why not use the recently-updated Google Maps to track zombie sightings? Plot the best areas for zombie huntings, plan escape routes in case things get too hot, even get on… » 4/01/06 6:34am 4/01/06 6:34am

Picking the right tool for the job

» 4/01/06 2:09am 4/01/06 2:09am

If you've never fired a pistol before, you might be surprised how difficult it is to get a headshot with one. The skull is a small target, sporadically bobbing upon the jerky torso of a reanimated corpse. Even for expert marksmen, a head shot is rare — this is real life, not Counter-Strike. On the other hand, where… » 4/01/06 2:09am 4/01/06 2:09am

Geek to Die: How to date the dead

zombies, romance, how-to, dating, love

» 4/01/06 1:51am 4/01/06 1:51am

With the pool of the living steadily draining since March 28th, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the libidinous Deathhacker to find someone to go out on that hot date. It seems like all the good ones are either being torn apart by their entrails or lumbering around as… » 4/01/06 1:51am 4/01/06 1:51am